Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Way

"Jesus said to him, 
"I am the way, and the truth, 
and the life; 
no one comes to the Father 
but through Me."

~John 14:6



Happy Lord's Day!


  1. no one....

    Wonderful verse. I'm just stopping by your wonderful online place to say thanks for following my blog/online place and to say I LOVE your blog header its really awesome,fresh and creative all in one.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for informing me on your new blog, I really enjoy it! This new "corner" has a vintage beauty that I love so much!!! Looking forward to seeing your new projects from your hobbies...
    Best wishes,
    LS xo

  3. Cute...cute..cute! Your blog is so adorable and relaxing. Thank you for the comment on my blog and letting me know about this one. It's awesome! I added it to my favorites list and plan on visiting.

    Thanks for the reminder, too. God is the way-the only way! How comforting is that? Love it!

    With love,

  4. Love this song!!

    Congrats on the move, the new precious baby and your new adventure you are going to be starting!! Praying that God will continue to walk with you through all of this and show you His plans!!

    Take care and have a blessed day!! :)