Monday, May 20, 2013

...of P&P Debates, Patterns, and Weddings

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today has definitely been a fun yet nose-to-the-grindstone type o' day. I'm working on dresses for a wedding party right now, and while it has been a lot of work, it has been *so much fun* getting to design each gown....I love my job!

Here's a little peek at what the designs look like:

I started out with the original pattern I usually use....

{ picture via Gabby Marie Boutique }

Square-ish neckline, gathers in front, very classic, very pretty. 

Then I made some dramatic changes! All three of the bridesmaid dresses are going to have similar elements to the classic dress I usually make; however, they are each going to have different necklines, bustles, and a couple other details...

{ picture via Gabby Marie Boutique }

{ picture via Gabby Marie Boutique }

Starting with drafting out 
new patterns, 

I designed three gowns that 
will look almost exactly like theses...

...from the BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice.

(speaking of P&P, which is your favorite, the 1995 BBC-Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle adaption or the 2005 Focus Features- Matthew Macfadyen/Keira Knightley version? Personally, I am 2005 all the way, which has caused a ruckus at times - haha ;-) 

Today, I have been sewing away on the oval-neckline gown. 
Changes made on that one:
  • It is not a drawstring dress (like the one shown), but instead will have a waistband 
  • It will have three quarter length sleeves (instead of how the sleeves are in the picture, which are short with a detachable sleeve), 
  • And will have a slightly lower-but still modest neckline. 

Much like the green dress... 

...worn by Lizzie (Keira Knightely) in the 2005 adaption of P&P. By the way, I *love* that shade of green, especially with the black pretty, so simple. 

And there you have it! I will share updates along the way, of both the bridesmaid dresses that I'm already working on and the matching flower girl dress I will be starting soon! 

I hope you have a fabulous night!

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