Wednesday, October 17, 2012

daily dose of {HISTORICAL} fashion

Historical fashion...*happy sigh*... 

Who among us gals has not at least once mooned over an outfit worn in a favorite movie(insert beloved movie title here} ?

Well, I prefer 
and the always classic 40's. 

However, the point remains:

~Whether or not you die over a Colonial ball gown, 
fall to pieces of a Victorian hat, 
or some psychedelic bell bottoms float your boat...

~Even if the fashion trend of the minute (because it will be different in 60, 59, 58, 57...seconds) is a mile high mohawk...

~Even if you are the only one wearing a gorgeous burgundy swing dress in a sea of skinny jeans...

Historical fashion is always in style! 

With that in mind, 
I'm off to go have a burger with my family, 
and then get back to work 
on the vintage inspired 
I am working on! 

Have a great night!

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  1. Dear Shanon, thanks for stopping by on my blog, and followed me, so here I love Jesus and old things and I gotta follow you here. Jane Austin books is one of my fave books..I like medieval things hehe. and you have beautiful blog, going to see each tab here :D and I enjoy reading your posts.

    Looking forward to visit you more.