Saturday, January 11, 2014

♥ Weekly Favorites ♥

Happy Saturday, lovelies! 

Today was a major sewing day for me - finishing constructing the bodice to a creamy, floral gown; creating and attaching sleeves, and sewing the front on to a gorgeous green damask gown; and **finally** mastering some tricky chiffon I've been working with for a Netherfield Ball-inspired gown requested by one of my lovely customers last month, and just about finishing her gown! 

At the end of this hyper busy week, I can definitely say I am ready to enjoy a much needed day of rest tomorrow. 

*sigh of relief* 

During this busy week though, I found some fabulous things while browsing the without further ado, here are my weekly favorites. :-)

{ via Pinterest  }

{ via Pinterest }

{ via Pinterest }

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{ via Pinterest }

{ via Pinerest }

...and last but not least ;-)...

{ via Pinterest }

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